At E.C.C.O we envision a world where parents are active participants in their child’s development regardless of circumstances.  Also, we envision a community where all available professionals collaborate to meet the common goals of families. We envision a world of people who truly enjoy their natural family and community life experiences and relationships. We envision schools and households where all children have the right to learn and not only share that right but also a contribution of assistance; to improve their lifestyle in terms of choice, access to a diverse collection of the things that they desire, a healthy and safe place to grow, positive relationships among their peers and non-peers, and access to people and events important in their lives. Lastly, we envision a world where all individuals grow to become productive members of society and learn to contribute to our positive and diverse culture.  


At E.C.C.O. we aim to affirm the dignity of all individuals and their families.  We strive to collaborate with individuals and families diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and those diagnosed with other developmental disabilities to create an individualized system of supports to enhance their natural learning environment. Our mission is to provide the highest quality evidence based and empirical approach to interventions, to evaluate past and present circumstances around complex behavioral patterns, and to create individualized plans to reach each outcome. It is our mission to provide the best possible lasting and comprehensive behavioral education for families, students, schools and others in the community so that collectively they can reach their short term objectives and their long term goals with dignity and with success.