Behavioral Consultation


E.C.C.O. provides behavioral consultation to individuals, parents, preschools, schools, and other agencies in Maine. Consultation is individualized and focused on the circumstances of each individual or group, their environment, and the outcomes they wish to achieve. E.C.C.O. consultation includes but is not limited to; initial and on-going assessment,  the creation of intervention plans for individuals, evidence based practices, and the creation and implementation of data collection systems and their procedures. E.C.C.O. also offers staff training to support and oversee personnel providing direct instruction in the home and school environments. 

Section 28 Services Basic and Specialized


E.C.C.O. has a specific and unique method for delivering home based interventions to its clients. Throughout the intervention value is placed on a team effort from families, schools, physicians, and Behavioral Health Professionals. The intervention is clinically driven by Board Certified Behavior Analysts. The BCBA will design and build a highly Individualized Treatment Plan (ITP) based specifically on the medical necessity of each case. This plan will involve short and long term goals and objectives (outcomes), methods, positive behavioral support techniques, teaching procedures, task analyses or steps, and most important a scientific rationale to ensure and support evidence based practice. 

Some Typical Program Components for Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder Using Applied Behavior Analysis

  • adaptive and self-care skills                        

  • coping and tolerance skills

  • play and leisure skills

  • self-advocacy and independence

  • attending and social referencing

  • emotional development

  • pre-academic skills

  • self-management

  • cognitive functioning

  • family relationships

  • reduction of interfering or inappropriate behaviors

  • social relationships

  • community participation

  • language and communication

  • safety skills

  • vocational skills